Celebrate Sr Health and Fitness: Ebikes Have it!

The benefits of regular exercise for all people  has been well established, moving all of us to fewer/less:

  • Heart and blood vessel challenges
  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • cancer
  • lung problems


Exercise also gives a great  psychological benefit, decreasing depression and improving quality of life for everyone, but especially those of us eligible for AARP!

Electric bikes offer the ability to move, exercise, and even help those with some physical limitations, but what is best for your body as your start your life with your new electric bicycle?

Riding your ebike , walking to the mailbox, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, gardening, weight training, tai chi, and aerobics classes are all important for senior health and fitness, and all of them lead to physical activity and exercise that benefits our bodies for the long haul.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?
The recommendation for baby-boomers and their seniors is 150 minutes of exercise per week  –new research shows there is an improvement with just moderate-intensity endurance exercise–as little as 10 minute intervals (think ebikes,here, folks!) Performed throughout the week– is easiest to accomplish.  Heck, just jump your electric bicycle for a quick ride to the store, your friend’s house or the post office and you have set yourself on the road to better senior health!

What Type of Exercise Is Best?
There are four different methods to get your blood flowing that add maximum benefit to your life:

  • Endurance or aerobics… pick a goal, check for guidance/safety and go for it!
  • Strength training and weight lifting… your ebike will help with the really tough hills, but it still helps strengthen those bones and muscles for a healthier you!  Strength training is extremely important. Strength training is important for all adults, but especially so for older adults, as it prevents loss of muscle mass and bone, and is beneficial for functional health.
  • Balance… well, it is a bike, so ‘nuff said here!
  • Stretching and flexibility.. do this after you have warmed up with your e-bike ride! Each day you perform aerobic or strength-training activities, take an extra 10 minutes to stretch the major muscle and tendon groups, with 10-30 seconds for each stretch. Repeat each stretch three to four times. Flexibility training will promote the ease of performing everyday activities.


Getting Started
For many the hardest part of exercising is getting started, but thinking about fitness goals in 10-minute segments can make it easier and a part of your daily routine.  Although the guidelines for older adults and adults with chronic conditions are similar to those for younger adults, there are a few key differences and points to consider.

  • Start, and get help if you need it. The general recommendation is that older adults should meet or exceed 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week; however, it is also recognized that goals below this threshold may be necessary for older adults who have physical impairments or functional limitations.
  • Functional health is an important benefit of physical activity for older adults. Physical activity contributes to the ease of doing everyday activities, such as gardening, walking or cleaning the house.
  • If you can exceed the minimum recommendations, do it! The minimum recommendations are just that: the minimum needed to maintain health and see fitness benefits. If you can exceed the minimum, you can improve your personal fitness, improve management of an existing and reduce your risk for health problems and complications.
  • Call Jon at Shocking Rides.  He has helped many senior riders get just the right bike for their specific needs, goals and even limitations.

Now let’s ride and have fun! Go electric!