By adding the Cane Creek Thudbuster LT (Long Travel) suspension seatpost you’ll ride faster, longer, and stronger with better traction, more control, and less fatigue. The performance, relative low weight, and simplicity make it the best suspension upgrade you can make to your hardtail. Based on a patented parallel-linkage design, the Thudbuster LT seatpost provides up to 3″ of active, stiction-free travel Unlike telescoping suspension posts, there is no initial stiction to overcome–the suspension mechanism works in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel The elastomers provide the compression and rebound damping, and can be easily exchanged to tune the suspension Includes black elastomers: 2 medium, 1 soft, and 1 firm All aluminum construction

The Thudbuster ST presents all the benefits of the original Thudbuster LT design in a smaller package. The Thudbuster ST uses a shorter parallel-linkage mechanism to yield the ideal suspension post for: XC riders looking to “take the edge off” with less of a weight penalty. Road riding enthusiasts. Smaller riders and tandem stokers (due to the smaller minimum extension). Comfort bike owners. The shorter linkage design still provides 1.3 inches of active stiction-free travel. The compression and rebound damping is handled by a single urethane elastomer, which can be changed to fit your size and riding style. Elastomers: single urethane unit with various spring rates. Max rider weight: 250 lbs. Extension minimum: 98 mm.

Post diameter Sizes 27.2mm / 30.9mm / 31.6mm Tell us your bike – we will give you the correct size.

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3" Long, 1.3" Short


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