This is the Lithium Ion Battery for the
2018-19 IZIP Zuma and IZIP Dash,
2018-19 Raleigh Cadent IE &
2018-19 Raleigh Retroglide IE
2019 Raleigh Sprite IE, IZIP Vibe & IZIP Edge

48volts 8.8amps 422wh
Power for the Tranz-X Motor

Grab an extra so you are never left “stranded” like a non e-biker.. 😉
If you have an old battery that is not working, we can rebuild it.
Please recycle old batteries by calling 800-822-8837
Graphic may no longer be available for your bike (but we will try)

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Dash, Edge, Zuma, Cadent, Retroglide, Sprite, Vibe


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