Electric Bikes…. Which one is for you?



Electric bikes have been around almost as long as the bicycle itself, but over the last few years, these bicycles have catapulted to the forefront of the biking world. There are lots of reasons to get an electric bicycle, from saving money, to being earth conscious, to just wanting to have fun.  Once you decide that you want to join the clean energy vehicle revolution and buy the world’s top-selling electric vehicle–the electric bike—the question arises, “Which electric bike is the right one for me?”


Start by asking yourself, “What type of riding am I hoping to do?” Just like regular bikes, electric bikes come in all shapes and styles and are designed for many different types of terrains and riding styles.  You will find most ebikes are broken down by the terrain you hope to conquer:  Everyday or commuter road bikes, off-road or extreme terrain, utility/cargo, and folding for travel—and within each of those categories there are even a few extra  factors to consider: Style & Construction, Performance, Features and finally, Price.


You want a bike that will accommodate its motor without being too cumbersome; you want a bike that’s stable in spite of its electronic components; you want a power pack that’s well-integrated and doesn’t spoil the look or the performance of your ebike machine.


Electric bike performance is a complicated topic, and your choice will depend not just on obvious factors (wattage, motor performance, weight), but also on exactly what you want the power for. Do you want an electric bike for the occasional assistance it provides going up hills, or do you want it for more consistent support during your travels? Do you need extra speed?  How far do you intend to travel with your ebike — short distances? Long road trips? All factors that need to be considered for your special vehicle.


You may want only the most basic of ebike features, including lights, a cargo rack/basket, water bottle holder, etc. or you may focus more heavily on safety and comfort features, such as suspension, brake types, and ease of mounting. Perhaps you are concerned with convenience and portability—will it haul my pup or my groceries?  Will it fit in my trunk or my boat?  All of which become important in your decision making.


There is no doubt that cheap electric bikes aren’t worth the purchase–you will see comments on this abound– but that doesn’t mean your bike needs to be inordinately expensive. Today, electric bikes are more durable, more reliable and more convenient than ever before. Shocking Rides is leading the way by offering you a wide selection of different types of electric bikes for a wide variety of applications.  Each model on our website is competitively priced and represents an excellent value. To help with your decision-making, we have analyzed our selections carefully, and we stand ready to help you get all you expect and need from your electric bike investment.


Lots of points to consider, but it is worth the time it takes to assess all of your desires and needs. We stand ready to help you through your own personal selection process.  Our founder, Jon , will happily text (916-397-7795), talk,  or email (Jon@shockingrides.com), with you. He is a pro at helping you to find the perfect bike for your needs and your budget.


Here’s to your happy riding!