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  • $3,500.00
    DiamondBack Union

    The Class 3 Union 1 gets things done. Built for full size people on a …

  • $4,100.00
    DiamondBack Current

    This NEW 2021 e-bike was born from a desire to explore. The Current electric bike …

  • $4,199.00 $3,999.00
    E-Delta Sun Seeker Electric Trike

    P/N: 671096
    The E-Delta Electric Assist Trike is engineered to incorporate a power system that boasts …

  • $2,450.00 $2,250.00
    Izip Vibe 2.0

    The IZIP Vibe 2.0 is the perfect electric bike, a meld of function, style and …

  • $2,850.00
    IZip Zuma Luxe

    An elevated version of the Zuma, the Zuma Luxe model encompasses sophisticated styling and stunning …

  • $2,650.00 $2,400.00
    Raleigh Detour IE

    Ride for miles in style! 2 mediums in stock now !!

  • $2,900.00 $0.00
    Izip E3 Go Electric Trike

    Mobility is a measure of freedom, and the Izip E3 Go! takes it to the …

  • $2,799.00 $2,749.00
    GoCycle GS

    Frame Colour Front Frame: Grey, White; Cleandrive: Blue, Red, Black, Light Blue, Pink
    Frame Material Injection Moulded Magnesium
    PitstopWheel® Magnesium …

  • $2,500.00 $2,099.00
    iZip Zuma 2.0

    Bosch Active Line 250W motor is paired with a downtube-mounted 400Wh battery for a …

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